Cynthia has been an essential part of my family’s wellness for five years as part of a “team” of caring individuals – both professional & non- professional – who I believe saved my daughter’s life and who has also counseled my son and myself, helping us cope through some of life’s most difficult times. I wish we could take her home with us.. My kids would not be comfortable with anyone else the way they are with Cynthia, and just knowing they can call her or see her comforts them. And me.
I have been going to Cynthia for about 4 years, she has helped me through so much and is super fun and personable. Without her I don’t think I would have learned certain skills that I now use on the daily. She’s awesome!!!!
My daughter was diagnosed in April of 2017 with an eating disorder. She was hospitalized and went through 3 months of both inpatient and IOP (Intensive Out-Patient) Treatment. After being discharged from an Eating Disorder Treatment Center, She needed continued support from a strong team of both a Dietition and a therapist. Cynthia Hutchins came highly recommended to us and has been the perfect fit for my daughter. Cynthia is giving my daughter the tools needed for recovery.
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